Olthuis van Ert

Olthuis van Ert is a barristers’ practice specializing in commercial litigation and public law. With offices in Vancouver and Ottawa, we advise and represent clients in all levels of provincial and federal courts and tribunals.

Practice areas

Commercial disputes

Our counsel represent clients in a wide range of complex commercial disputes. We handle internal matters, such as corporate governance and shareholder disputes, as well as external matters, including contract, fiduciary duty and fraud claims.

Public and regulatory law

We frequently act in cases raising constitutional issues or other questions concerning the exercise of governmental power. Our clients include professional regulators, governmental bodies, charities, human rights claimants and civil rights organizations.

Private disputes

We act as counsel in most disputes involving private law. Our lawyers represent clients in negligence claims, contract and property disputes, contentious estate proceedings and a variety of other private law matters.

Indigenous rights and Aboriginal law

The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is a vital new element of Canadian public law. Our counsel advise clients on the Declaration and are experienced in Aboriginal rights and title litigation.

International legal matters

We often act or advise in cases involving the application of public international legal norms in Canadian law. We also handle private international law cases such as the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and international arbitral awards.

Supreme Court advisory

We have extensive experience in the Supreme Court of Canada, and frequently advise parties on matters before the Court. Our counsel include former Supreme Court of Canada law clerks and members of the Supreme Court Advocacy Institute.